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Skillicorne and SkillicorneMAX play a lively mixture of tunes from all over the place including England, Scotland & Ireland, Nova Scotia, New England etc, as well as original tunes from the band and other musicians.


You will here the leadmelody on either, or both, the sxophone and fiddle, with some nice harmonies, and in the later part of tunes, when the dancers are dancing to the rhythm there is space for a little jazziness!


Here are just some examples of tune sets:


Old Man Old Woman / le 24 Juin

Shuffling Samuel

The Month of May / The Basque Jig

Far From Home / The Road to Houll

Bastringue / Willafjord

The coloured Aristocracy / Down The Road

3 Stop Regal Waltz

The Oxbol Polka / Golden Slippers

The Tadpole Armagedon / Calliope House

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