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Paul provides a driving rhythm on the piano in Skillicorne and plays fiddle & piano in SkillicorneMAX. He is also plays in The Old Swan Band, Pigeon Swing etc. So when it comes to dance music Paul really knows what is important. He can be found playing in Johnny Coppins  band.


Alistair has been described as one of the country's iconic folk dance musicians and has played with various bands especially All Blacked up [now The Ironmasters] and the morris team The Ironmen & Severn Gilders and before that blues bands etc. He is one of the few saxophones players who is capable of freely swapping between a traditional tune and improvisation, and in Skillicorne he plays mainly soprano sax with regular visits to the bass sax for both rhythm and to play the tune!


Steve is highly experience guitarist who offers driving rhythm in SkillicorneMAX and can be found playing with The Ironmasters and This Way Up


Adam is a great folk drummer who is also a member of Random and has depped with many other ceilidh bands


Over the last 40 years the members of the band have between them played for well over 1000 evenings of dance, and the odd daytime gig as well, so you can be assured that they know what they are doing and that their tune set will fit the dances. They have played for many callers and can provide one for your event, or liaise with a caller of your choice.


For your evening of great high energy dance music, which can be very cost effective, why not use our contact page.

Skillicorne are Paul Burgess playing piano and Alistair Gillies playing some saxophones

SkillicorneMAX are Paul on fiddle and piano, Alistair on saxophones

joined by Steve Hall on guitar and Adam Courthold on drums

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